About Me

I’m 32, I live in New York City with my Husband and two little dogs, I’d like to become a psychiatric nurse and continue to write.

I write very personal things, mostly about mental health, trauma, and recovery. I have Borderline Personality Disorder, Bipolar 2, and Generalized Anxiety Disorder with panic attacks, among other things. My diagnoses do not define me but they do add a lot of flavor. I have had some serious psychiatric experiences in the past few years, so I decided to share my point of view for anyone curious about what it’s like to feel insane and be treated accordingly.

Only by sharing these experiences can we work to reduce the stigma that mental health care has. We have to talk about it. If we remain silent, we let it win. I don’t want the stigma to prevent me from sharing very basic things about myself with people I know (and those I don’t).

For the most direct experience, I have one post called “The Journal” that is a transcription of the journal I kept during my last and most intense hospitalization. I recommend that if you are looking for something immersive and raw.

If you’d like to be in more direct contact with me, please e-mail me at ExcessivelyMe25@gmail.com OR find me on Twitter @ExcessivelyMe25.