The Haven: Mental Health Peer Support on Discord 18+

The Haven Support Network consists of two servers: The Haven and Haven Retreat. Both offer first-person general mental health support. We are also a nonprofit organization 501(c)3.

The Haven is 18+ and you must be living with or suspect you are living with mental illness.
Haven Retreat is 18+ and everyone is welcome to seek emotional support.

We are heavily modded and aim to maintain a safe space. We have an active community with diverse interests and diagnoses. We do not allow mental health professionals to “treat” folks in our servers.

Our focus is on support, so we have many support channels in which you can talk 1:1 with a support volunteer. We have topic channels for creativity, physical health, meme-spam, group support, and a daily-prompt for writing exercises.

We are now partnered with PsychCentral. You can find us at:

The Haven: Care when you need it, care for others when you can. HAVEN RETREAT THE HAVEN

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