Thanksgiving Affirmations


Happy Thanksgiving fellow Americans. Happy Thursday to everyone else around the world. This year I find myself most thankful for having had a wonderful relationship with my Grandpa, for being lucky enough to find myself the target of so much love and understanding. Today I am wearing Harvard crimson in his honor.

I thought on a day of giving thanks, I might take a moment and share a list of affirmations that I use when I’m feeling low or hopeless or simply depressed. It’s ok to give thanks for yourself; you are worth it. You are a unique being with flaws and insecurities, but we can combat the negative thoughts with positive self-talk. Here’s a list I encountered on the interwebs of things to say to yourself when you’re uncertain or pessimistic about life.

Realistic Self Talk

  1. This too shall pass and my life will be better.
  2. I am a worthy and good person.
  3. I am doing the best I can, given my history and current level of awareness.
  4. Like everyone else, I am a fallible person and at times will make mistakes and learn from them.
  5. What is, is.
  6. Look at how much I have accomplished and I am still progressing.
  7. There are no failures, only different degrees of success.
  8. Be honest and true to myself.
  9. It is ok to let myself be distressed for a while. (This one is my favorite.)
  10. I am not helpless. I can and I will take the steps needed to get through this crisis.
  11. I will remain engaged and involved instead of isolating and withdrawing during this situation.
  12. This is an opportunity, instead of a threat. I will use this experience to learn something new, to change my direction or to try a new approach.
  13. One step at a time.
  14. I can stay calm when talking to difficult people.
  15. I know I will be ok no matter what happens.
  16. He/she is responsible for their reaction to me.
  17. This difficult/painful situation will soon be over.
  18. I can stand anything for a little while.
  19. In the long run, who will remember or care?
  20. Is this really important enough to be upset about?
  21. I don’t really need to prove myself in this situation.
  22. Other people’s opinions are just their opinions.
  23. Others are not perfect and I won’t put pressure on myself expecting them to be them to be.
  24. I cannot control the behaviors of others. I can only control my own behaviors.
  25. I am not responsible to make other people okay.
  26. I will respond appropriately and not be reactive.
  27. I feel better when I don’t make assumptions about the thoughts or behavior of others.
  28. I will enjoy myself, even when life is hard.
  29. I will enjoy myself, while catching up on all I want to accomplish.
  30. Don’t sweat the small stuff-–it’s all small stuff.
  31. My past doesn’t control my future.
  32. I choose to be a happy person.
  33. I am respectful to others and deserve to be respected in return.
  34. There is less stress in being optimistic and choosing to be in control
  35. I am willing to do whatever is necessary to make tomorrow better.

I am grateful for the time I have, and I intend to make the most of it.

Try using these self-talk statements when you are feeling insecure or anxious about a situation. It’s a little like “fake it ’til you make it.” If you repeat something enough it becomes habit. Positive habitual thoughts will improve your quality of life, I promise you that. So practice, practice, practice. Like anything, positive self-talk takes time to learn. Don’t be upset if the first time you use an affirmation it doesn’t work. Try not to be discouraged but rather push through the doubt and let it fuel your tenacity.

Another way to focus on the positive things in life is to keep a gratitude journal in which you write about several things you are thankful for at some point each day. For instance,

I am thankful for:

My very supportive family; my loving husband; my best friends (you know who you are) who are always there for me, through thick and thin; my doctors who could not be more caring and attentive; and my doggies who bring me joy and love every single day.

On this day of thanks, take time to consider what is positive in your life and try to be thankful that you exist, you are unique, and you can harness positivity to improve your situation.

As a quick aside, thank you to all of my readers who have been entirely positive and supportive of my writing. I work hard to bring taboo subjects into the spotlight, but it only makes a difference if someone reads it.

Thank you all!!



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