Therappy II: Motivation


We all know the saying, “Why put off until tomorrow what you can do today!?” Maybe it was thrown at you by an older relative or family friend, sincerely, as a piece of golden wisdom. But honestly, when you have mental illness, sometimes you have to put things off until tomorrow because you’ve momentarily gone crazy. One night recently I was supposed to be studying but just couldn’t because I started to cry uncontrollably and then had a panic attack. Sometimes we have to give ourselves a minute, because our bodies have chosen to function this way, and we have to learn how to deal with it. In college my advisor said to me once, “Just get it done.” I was struggling with depression and addiction, among other things, and that dismissive sentence hurt me. Sometimes I can’t “just do it,” as Nike so eloquently puts it. But in an effort to better my life through bettering myself, I have been figuring out ways to give me the incentive to take better care of myself through the help of apps, journals, and household items. Fair warning, I will list products that I reviewed as the best option in my opinion. Equivalent products can be found for most of the following suggestions. Ok, now to therappy. Continue reading “Therappy II: Motivation”

Thanksgiving Affirmations


Happy Thanksgiving fellow Americans. Happy Thursday to everyone else around the world. This year I find myself most thankful for having had a wonderful relationship with my Grandpa, for being lucky enough to find myself the target of so much love and understanding. Today I am wearing Harvard crimson in his honor.

I thought on a day of giving thanks, I might take a moment and share a list of affirmations that I use when I’m feeling low or hopeless or simply depressed. It’s ok to give thanks for yourself; you are worth it. You are a unique being with flaws and insecurities, but we can combat the negative thoughts with positive self-talk. Here’s a list I encountered on the interwebs of things to say to yourself when you’re uncertain or pessimistic about life.

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Therappy: Mental Health and Apps


Before I delve into my major topic, I wanted to acknowledge the passing of my Grandfather, who supported me my whole life with effects that he couldn’t have known. He read my blog avidly, as he was a driving force behind me writing anything publicly. He was a sailor, a Harvard man, a lawyer, a problem solver, a caring father, a doting grandfather, a loving husband, an intellectual, a renaissance man. He loved to learn and always had something interesting lined up. Now, as I sit here in my Harvard sweatshirt (an ode to the great man himself), I want to take the time to write something, because I know he would support me in this too. Thank you Grandpa, you will always be a part of me. Continue reading “Therappy: Mental Health and Apps”