Astrology Reading


Today I had an astrology reading done based on my birthday, where I was born, and what time I was born. This was the result, which for people who know me will know is absolutely accurate. Done by the awesome Sarah Fader. If you find her on Twitter she’ll do yours too. And she reads Tarot!

“You have the sun in Pisces and the Moon in Capricorn. This means that you are a super empathetic person but you are not afraid to tell people some hard truths to help them. This is especially true because you also have Mercury in Aries. You are blunt when you need to be but only to help people with their problems and life challenges. You are about your loved ones and want to see them making good decisions. You have Venus in Aries, which means that in romantic relationships you are fiercely loyal to your partner. When you don’t hear from your partner, you become worried and may obsessively text or call. However, when you are done with someone you are done. You have no trouble cutting the cord. You have Mars in Taurus which means that you would do well to own your own business. You are probably quite good with finances. Your ascendant is in Cancer, which means that people see you as a nurturer and someone who is warm and cares for others. You can be self-sacrificial at times. Remember to take care of yourself before others. Put your oxygen mask on first. ;)”

I am a tried and true Pisces. I love water and always have. I’m a dreamer. And I have a double personality: two fishes, each swimming in a different direction. I have a Pisces tattoo on the inside of my left arm that I got to cover scars. It’s two Siamese fighting fish, one red and one blue, to represent my Bipolar nature.

I am very empathetic, I think, and I know a lot of people who have told me so over the years so something about it must be true. When I’m not in a heightened state of anger or sadness, I can easily slip my mind into the shoes of another’s existence. And like Sarah said, I am not afraid to tell people the blunt truth. I am be acutely, maybe brutally honest. I just want people to be happy.

I want to be a carer. The end of this reading really hits home. I want to go into healthcare so that I can take care of people, to put them before myself. But I also know that self-care is required if I want to be functional enough to care for others. It’s the perfect analogy: put your mask on before others’.


Doing well here. Kind of sick at the moment, but I’m sure it’ll pass quickly. Getting some math practice in almost every day, working as a mod in a 24/7 Peer-Led mental health chat room, trying to get a certificate in online counseling and suicide prevention. Missing 4th of July festivities with the family but will hopefully get to the beach soon. It can be hard, especially after I just spent 6 weeks kind of crazy about chemistry. My brain needs a little break from life.

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