You may have seen tattoos or Pinterest posts or FB posts with a semicolon and never quite known why it was there. The semicolon ; has become a symbol for suicide awareness, largely propagated by Project Semicolon.  “Your story is not over.” I think this is brilliant. If you Google image search for semicolon, I don’t even know how many images pop up with inspiring quotes, or tattoos clearly used as inspiration or remembrance. A lot of people play with it and write “warr;or” or “l;fe.” The ; is such a good pick for this because suicide attempts (often just referred to as suicide even if it is incomplete) are like breaks in the fabric of your story, but then you have the chance to pick yourself back up and start another related sentence. I was broken; I was healed.  Continue reading “L;fe”

Crazy Heart


I collect crazy people. I collect people who know who they are or are trying to find themselves and are willing to admit that they have failings, limitations, foibles, quirks. I collect quality friends who are there through thick and thin and are willing to listen to me in all of my various mental states. I collect the good ones, the people who see beyond skin covered in tattoos to the meaty core of personality. These people are rare, and I love them.  Continue reading “Crazy Heart”



“I want to do more with my life than just give up.” – Mandy Harvey

If you don’t watch America’s Got Talent, first, why the hell not? And second, you missed an incredible moment. Mandy Harvey is a talented singer, songwriter and performer with a twist. As a young girl she sang and eventually went to music school to become a vocal teacher. One day she realized that although everyone else was transcribing the music the instructor was playing, she couldn’t write anything down because she couldn’t hear anything. She had gone completely deaf. Due to a neurodegenerative connective tissue disorder, she lost her hearing and would not be able to recover it.  Continue reading ““Try””