A crazy week

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The brain is a detailed and miraculous thing. Wrought from the stuff of stars, our neurons fire and our veins pulse and we live, live, live.

To be alive is to be vulnerable. We are creatures made mostly of water and carbon, weak to the elements, easily injured, and yet imbued with remarkable perseverance. It is amazing what we can overcome, the limitations, the heartache, the day-to-day grind, the health struggles, the emotional roller-coasters. Yet do we go on, on, on. 

The news has been soul crushing. I won’t delve into politics here save to say that I do not and never have agreed with anything that Trump has done or said. I don’t think he’s a bad person, I think he’s just not right for his current job. His brain hasn’t got the right wiring for this.

Unfortunately, with all the bad news (shootings, war, terrorism) that can lead to feelings of distress among even the healthiest of people. For me, I am touched deeply and get depressed when these events happen. I’m just very sensitive, which is both a pro and a con. So, my heart goes out to those suffering because politics as usual has infringed on your lives. Know there are millions of people with you.

But the brain adapts. We grow. We persevere.

I wrote about the semicolon ( ; ) in my last post and it is a perfect example of triumph over brain circuitry. As a symbol of mental health and suicide prevention, the semicolon is a concise little story-maker. Apparently it’s a fairly well known symbol in my circles (people affected strongly by mental health and its related joys), but relatively unknown to the larger public. This post touched a few people. The most exciting for me was getting a call from a new friend who works for Glenn Close. She had sent the blog post to Glenn to read, and Glenn, who apparently appreciated it, suggested that they repost it. So I said yes, of course you can do that, please do. And they did. (See Glenn’s FB page!)

I’ve talked about Glenn a few times before because she is so active in the mental health community. Bring Change 2 Mind was one of the first mental health campaigns I remember, especially with their iconic Grand Central commercial featuring Glenn and her sister Jessie, who has Bipolar. I am so thankful that she took the time to read the little thing that I wrote and felt that it should be shared. I am humbled.

So that was exciting. Then my parents came and helped me finish cleaning out my old apartment so I could turn it over (we had left a bunch of stuff there), and with their tremendous effort and my pointing, we got it done. My back is still extremely annoyed with me when I do physical anything, so I had great difficulty keeping up with them. Again, another reason to be so thankful.

Husband is away for a week visiting his family. I would have loved to go with him but I have classes 4 days a week until June 29. I did manage to pass my chem midterm, and since this class is P/F, that’s all I needed to do! (I got a B+ because I can’t remember simple things, only complicated things.) I love his family and they’ve all been so good to me. I miss them. And I am so proud of my sisters in law and brother in law who graduated this season!! Now for the fun stuff! Life.

I just want to say how grateful I am to have had a chance to recover from my illnesses, and though I still struggle it is nothing like I did a few years ago. Grateful to have the friends and family that I do. Grateful to the kind health professionals who’ve helped me and continue to put up with me. Grateful that these experiences have given me perspective that I will hopefully be able to put to use as a nurse if I get myself there (I will dammit!). And grateful for you, dear reader, because you give my voice sound, my words life. I have always written for myself, but it is another thing entirely to write for an audience, and for that I am grateful to have you.

Appreciate your brain today. Love yourself and everything you can do. This is Life, friends, and it’s the only one we get.

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