Questions, please


In my small corner of the internet, I try to talk about the things that interest me and I think might interest others, but I haven’t covered very much ground. So, I was wondering if YOU had any questions, either about me, about mental illness, or life in general, that I could attempt to answer. Throw them down in the comments and we’ll see what happens.

4 thoughts on “Questions, please”

  1. Do you have any tips or things that help you in your day-to-day life? Any books you recommend?
    I’ve been reading your blog and you’re really amazing! Clever and strong, I hope your blog reaches out to lots of people.
    I’ll add you in my list of recommended blogs 🙂
    Take care xx

    1. First, thank you for the sweet compliments! I appreciate that tremendously.

      Second, your questions are thought provoking and deserve a thorough response so, dun dun, I think I’ll reply via a new post. 🙂

      I like the style of your blog, I’ll make an effort to get to reading it.

  2. Did you see any indications before age 14?
    We see what we think as teachers are early signs of bipolar in kids and wonder what if anything we can do to help them?
    Loving your insights

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