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These are dark days for America. Liberty is at risk. The very concept upon which our nation was founded is being challenged by a man who, at all turns, has been unreasonable and immoral. The cronies he has gathered by his side only help support his narcissism. I read an article yesterday, with questionable ethics, that diagnosed Trump with malignant narcissism. It is the most accurate assessment of the man to date, in my opinion. Gallup polls reported that he has the lowest approval rating and highest initial disapproval rating since the Eisenhower days. Protests have erupted around the world in opposition to his latest executive orders. Those of us who are anti-Trump, and I firmly stand behind that position, anticipated that he would cause massive troubles in his first year, but he has caused an international crisis and it is not even February! Last night walking around campus I came out of the library to find hundreds of protesters in the quad chanting “no ban, no wall,” among other things. The President of my University sent out a school-wide message that denounced the actions of President Trump because it threatens the very values upon which the school was founded and the status of our international scholars, both students and professionals.

Last night I spent a while watching the democrats speak on the floor and then watched British Parliament discussing the ban and what should be done about the upcoming state visit. Apparently most of them don’t want to afford Trump the privilege of a full state visit because of the actions he has taken since he assumed office. I happen to think that’s a fair stance to take. Others, like Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson (“the hair” and quirky former mayor of London), do not want to risk the Special Relationship, saying that America is their greatest and most powerful ally and they should do everything they can to maintain good standing. On this point, I see his reasoning. The Special Relationship (that is, the alliance between the U.S. and the U.K.) is the single most important political fact of the last 100 years. However, this also gives the U.K. the unique position to be candid with the American administration about its disapproval and also to choose to take a firm stance and denounce the actions while taking actions to limit contact until the ban is lifted. It’s a complicated dance, one that doesn’t have a simple solution. I do know that most of the House of Parliament does not support Trump, likens him all too easily to Hitler and Mussolini, and is very much against the 7 country ban.

Another article I read talked about the inevitability of impeachment because of the drastic actions he’s already taken and in such a short span of time. I can’t really speak to this because I don’t know the ins and outs of the impeachment process, aside from watching Bill Clinton’s proceedings when I was a kid. I’m not sure how I feel about it.

So why am I talking about this on a blog focused on mental health? Everyone has been emotionally affected by the actions of the Trump administration and it is very easy to slip into a situational 1or even despair. I know I’ve experienced incredible sadness and feelings of hopelessness when I think about the situation because I don’t know what I can do to fix it. Sure, I can donate to the ACLU like I’ve been doing my entire adult life. I can go protest with everyone. I can write to my senators, but they’re New Yorkers and already know the opinion of their state. There’s nothing I can do to directly effect change. I decided what I can do is do the best at what I’m doing, become a healthcare professional and help people. If I encounter situations where I can make choices that help our democracy, I will, but no such opportunity has arisen. There is time. Do not despair. America is resilient. The American people will not stand for injustice.

“Our Constitution is a remarkable, beautiful gift. But it’s really just a piece of parchment. It has no power on its own. We, the people, give it power. We, the people, give it meaning — with our participation, and with the choices that we make and the alliances that we forge.

Whether or not we stand up for our freedoms. Whether or not we respect and enforce the rule of law, that’s up to us. America is no fragile thing. But the gains of our long journey to freedom are not assured.” – Barack Obama

We must be vigilant, we cannot give up hope. Where there is no hope there is only darkness. Without hope the opposition wins. We cannot allow that to happen.

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